Since the core particle board, liquid poly-urethane and finished materials are all molded at once, Multifloor is free from twisting and swelling. Its poly-urethane solidification method does not need adhesive and completely prevents the problems ordinary raised access floors have, such as brittle edge trims and loosing surfaces.
Due to its extreme resistance against water and corrosion, Multifloor guarantees a semi-permanent life.
It also permits the use of any kind of surface materials such as engineered stone(marble, granite) and anti static & conductive hpl, pvc tiles etc .By adding poly-urethane to fire-resistant materials ,it ensures outstanding flame-retardant effects. With standard sizes of 450,500 and 600, Multifloor is applicable to most kinds of rooms in offices and ,exhibition halls, on balconies and verandas and in outdoor public places. We have an international patent(PCT) pending on the product. ISO9002-certified, it also obtained the official Quality mark from the Small & Medium Business Administration in KOREA.

The problems of conventional access floors

Chippen laminate-breakdown of glueOverwetting wood core panels causing panels swell-level instability.Edge trim which surrounds the panel is brittle and unstable-there are gabs between panels
Brittle edge trim and surfaceEdge trim which surrounds the panel is brittle and unstableEdge trim removed, misplaced or broken from panel edge-there are gabs between panels
Panel surface becoming loose or detached-breakdown of glueWarped steelCutouts-damage to calbles
Overwetting wood core panels causing panels swell-lateral instabilityEdge trim which surrounds the panel is brittle and unstableOverwetting wood core panels causing panels swell-pane surface becoming loose or detached-breakdown of glue
Chipped laminage-breakdown of glueChipped laminage-breakdown of glueEdge tape which surrounds the wood core panel is detached

Where is MULTIFLOOR necessary?

Clean Room Factory for semiconductor production
Computer facilities Protection and management of electric power cables of computers, network cables
Operating room Prevention of Static electricity and Protection of cables in Various operating equipments
Sound control room recording room, etc.Protection and maintenance of cables in all kinds of machinery, studio Protection and management of various sound
Stage facilities and image equipments (SR cable, video recording equipment, etc) Special designed lassroom, multimedia room
Classroom classroom
(audiovisual classroom)
Meeting room Conference room which there are Net-meetings very often and many sound facilities
Laboratory Dual floor for air cleaning
Telephone office Protection of electric power and data cables, telephone switchboard room
Common office Protection of electric power and data cables
You can use MULTI FLOOR at the other places

MULTI FLOOR is composed of

finishing material


stringer(or frame)

pedestal (support set)