The 21 century's office building plan, on the basis of whole objects' rationality, set the vital importance on the pursuit of office worker's pleasantness, while the buildings in the past took a serious view of their shape and external appearance.
With better quality we first always think about consideration of the workers and creating human welfare society with the latest technology, and now we are doing our best to make clean and pleasant environments for better life.
In the meantime, Hansang Enterprise Co established its good reputation from prominent home and foreign companies, also we have been taking the lead in the history of floor decorating material.
Ultramodern floor material on up-to-date computer generation! To construct human welfare society we were full equipped with the newest system and were at the head of production development with active and progressive attitudes, finally we created 'Multifloor' series of Patented floor material with multi-uses and wide functions.
From now as before, we will take strict quality control and do research and development in succession, so we will keep our reputation of HanSang forever.


[Head Ofiice]